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The key ingredient to our soaps is olive oil, organically grown and extracted with the help of Palestinian farmers. Each soap bar is packed with a hydrating power thanks to the olive oil, ideal for those who seek glowing and healthy skin.

Soap Bars


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Through the Beita Cooperative, not only are these soap bars carefully made from great-for-hair and great-for-skin olive oil, but involves a process managed and laboured on by Palestinian women. Here’s how this lovely soap reaches goes from olive trees in Palestine to your doorstep.

  • First, water and caustic soda are added into a mixer. Olive oil is then added to the mixer, mixing constantly until an hour is passed. It is then left for a full day.
  • The following day, heat is added to cook the mix up.
  • It is then put into a mold.
  • After that, it is cut and stamped, to ensure it stays part of the Beita batch.
  • It is cooled for a month until it made dry, after which it is packed and sent to us!

of the Net profit supports vulnerable children around the world