Our 100% natural products are made with the finest ingredients. The quality of what we offer is maintained throughout production, in order to give the best customer experience possible.

Our products include cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, natural soap bars infused with vitamin A and E, luxurious body washes, fibre-rich premium Medjool dates, and special Hajj packs as gifts. We guarantee a satisfying experience, and aim to build a strong, long-term relationship with our clients, providing them with the best quality products and ingredients directly sourced from Palestine.

Palestinian Gift Box

Premium Medjool Dates (Medium) – 250g
Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250 ml

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Medjool Dates

Indigenous to the Jordon Valley in Palestine, Medjool dates – the king of dates – are delicious, succulent, and free from all preservatives and additives. High in potassium and fibre, Medjool dates are a naturally sweet, healthy and tasty treat.

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Body Wash

Give your skin a rejuvenated look with our body washes. Through the enriching properties of olive oil, our body wash is a great idea if you’re tired of complementing your baths with chemical-heavy washes, giving you a fresh, youthful look, few can promise.

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Olive Oil

Our cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil is produced from organic olives that are handpicked by farmers who specialize in growing and tending to them. Enjoy a rich source of mono-saturated fats and antioxidants that are ideal for the body and soul.

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The key ingredient to our soaps is olive oil, organically grown and extracted with the help of Palestinian farmers. Each soap bar is packed with a hydrating power thanks to the olive oil, ideal for those who seek glowing and healthy skin.

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