In 2014 we embarked on our maiden journey to Palestine. We fell in love with the people, the place and the overwhelming love and kindness shown by all. Along this journey, we met with many orphaned children and had an opportunity to listen to the challenges they faced. Children who had lost either both or one parent, but didn’t complain. They didn’t demand from us. All they wanted from us was to visit them, talk with them and sit with them. How little was this when it looked like they had nothing. These children fell deeply into our hearts. We made a promise that we would always help the orphans of Palestine.

We decided to embark on building a school and welfare centre for orphaned children in Jerusalem. We knew the challenge would be fraught with difficulties but with determination and focus it was achievable. Alhamdulillah, in September 2016 this project completed and opened its doors to these vulnerable children.

Each time you buy Holy Land dates we promise to donate a minimum of 50% of net profits towards the running costs of the Jerusalem welfare centre for orphaned children.

Holy Land dates are purchased from Palestinian farmers and sourced directly by us. We visit and meet with the farming team and ensure you get the King of dates. Trust in Holy Land Dates.

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Holy Land Dates from Palestine

Please Note – The factory that our dates are packaged at, also handles nuts, therefore this product may contain traces of nuts.


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