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While embarking on our maiden journey to Palestine in 2014, we weren’t aware of the fact that this was going to be the start of a new beginning. Palestine was a place that had been eulogized in world literature and folklores across cultural and religious contexts – it was so captivating for us that not only did we instantly fall in love with what we saw of the Palestinian people and culture, but also the land’s produce. We just couldn’t get enough of the dates, the oils, and the smells of the fertile land. Such was our fascination and almost intrinsic connection with the place that we made a promise to ourselves and our Palestinian friends that we would continue to visit.

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Our Process


Grown in the fertile and ancient Palestinian city – Jericho – Medjool Dates are one of the highest quality of dates demanded worldwide. Bigger, creamier, and fruitier than other dates, we strive to provide you the highest quality of Medjools you can possibly find.


Once fully grown, Medjool dates are carefully picked by Palestinian farmers, workers, and families.


After being graded and processed under the supervision of experts, Medjool dates are then packaged in attractive and durable boxes that vary depending on the collection (Premium and classic) as well as the size (small, medium, large, and jumbo).



of the Net profit supports vulnerable children around the world