HolyLand Dates

In 2013, a single conversation sparked our journey to Palestine, culminating in dozens of visits over 10 years.

Enamored by its beauty and inspired by its spirit, we launched Holy Land Dates in 2016, dedicated to donating a minimum of 50% of our net profits to support the vulnerable. Through your generosity in sales, fundraising campaigns, and tours to Palestine, we've contributed to building 3 schools, an orphanage, and 3 paediatric intensive care units in Al Makassed hospital in East Jerusalem, offering life-saving care to the babies of Gaza and the West Bank. Our commitment transcends dates; it's about creating lasting change and spreading hope.


Muhammad Nazim Awan

Nazim has visited Palestine dozens of times since 2014, fostering a deep connection with the land and its people. While practicing full-time as a lawyer, he also dedicates himself to Holy Land Dates, a venture that began with just 300 date boxes and has blossomed into something much larger than imagined. This story began in his kitchen, packing dates, labelling boxes and then driving around the country making deliveries. Nazim prides himself on customer contact and maintains these relationships fostered over a decade ago.

Nazim leads our tour groups to Palestine, infusing each journey with his passion and firsthand knowledge. He's always been hands-on, embodying our commitment to making a meaningful impact every step of the way. Dedicated lifelong supporter and season ticket holder of Manchester city football club.

Favourite Palestinian Dish: Maklouba Favourite HLD Product: OTH Hood Green


Dr Nazia

Nazia played a pivotal role in the creation and establishment of our organization, infusing it with passion and purpose from the very beginning. While dedicating her efforts to her profession as a Consultant Radiologist, Nazia also devotes a tremendous amount of her time and energy to Holy Land Dates, embodying our commitment to making a difference. Her hands-on approach and unwavering dedication have been instrumental in our journey. Nazia has visited Palestine several times, deepening her connection to the land and its people. Her leadership and unwavering commitment continue to inspire us every day.

Favourite Palestinian Dish: Maklouba & Hummus Favourite HLD Product: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“Business Development Manager”


Aliya's journey with us began as a part-time volunteer from the inception of our mission. Transitioning to a full-time role in September 2023, she has since made invaluable contributions to our team. With several visits to Palestine, Aliya brings firsthand insight and transparency to her work. She has played a pivotal role in the development of our website and refining logistics, ensuring our operations run smoothly and effectively. Aliya's dedication embodies our commitment to growth and impact. Aliya’s hobbies include cooking, baking (specifically brownies and cookies), and watching live Man City matches.

Favourite Palestinian Dish: Falafel and Hummus Favourite HLD Product: Black seed oil & Tote Bag

“Public Relation Officer”


Hailing from Gaza, Palestine, Abrar's roots deeply inform her dedication to our mission. Abrar brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team, having earned her bachelor’s degree at the Islamic University in English Language and Literature and her master’s degree at Durham university in international relations. Joining us in January 2024 on a full-time basis, her presence has been instrumental in enhancing our operations. Abrar's fluency in both English and Arabic facilitates seamless communication with our suppliers in Palestine. She is an integral part of our commitment to authenticity and excellence. Her father a leading anesthetist at Al Shifa hospital, Gaza and her mother a teacher and author of the science curriculum in Gaza and the West Bank are her inspiration to succeed and provide for the people of Palestine. Abrar finds joy in a range of hobbies, including engaging in fitness exercises and delving into the intricacies of learning new languages.

Favourite Palestinian Dish: Maftoul Favourite Product: Black & White Hirbawi Kuffiyeh



With 9 years in media production, Junaid specializes in digital media content creation. As a director of photography, cinematographer, and video editor, he has worked with INGOs, the UN, government institutions, and corporate clients.

He excels in creating compelling visual narratives, handling everything from lighting and sound design to camera operation and post-production. He is skilled in managing multiple projects and working with diverse teams.

Committed to producing high-quality content, Junaid aims to make a lasting impact with every project. He would be honoured to bring your vision to life. Junaid finds pleasure in filming, photography, watching football, and playing cricket.

Favourite Palestinian Dish: Kunafa Favourite HLD Product: Gilet

“Customer Service Manager”


Meet Samira, the heart of our online operations and the face of our front office customer service. Samira's dedication ensures that your online orders are handled with care and efficiency, while her warm and welcoming demeanor makes every customer interaction a pleasant experience. She is the embodiment of our commitment to excellent service and attention to detail. Samira's role is essential to ensuring that every aspect of your Holy Land Dates experience exceeds expectations. Samira finds pleasure in the culinary arts, experimenting with diverse flavors in the kitchen, and immersing herself in the world of literature through her avid reading habit.

Favourite Palestinian Dish: Maklouba Favourite HLD Product: Premium Large Medjool dates

“Head of Design”

al Bakar (aB)

With a background in architecture & design, aB brings a unique blend of expertise and creativity to our team. Responsible for crafting the designs of our entire product range, his work reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation. aB's inspirational and creative approach infuses every aspect of our brand, setting us apart in the marketplace. His frequent trips to Palestine offer him valuable insights and inspiration, enriching his designs with cultural depth and authenticity.

aB's hobbies in photography, architecture, and traveling not only complement his professional expertise but also add layers of passion and perspective to his work. Additionally, he recently began leading our social media efforts, ensuring our online presence is as captivating as our products. aB’s contributions are instrumental in shaping the identity and success of Holy Land Dates, blending his passions with his professional endeavors to create a truly remarkable brand experience.

Favourite Palestinian Dish: Musakhan Favourite HLD Product: Olive Oil Soap Bar & 250g Medjool Dates (my fav design)

“Clothing Strategist”


Ismail has been an integral part of our journey since the inception of the company, starting from packing dates into boxes to delivering them across the country. His passion for supporting Palestine led him to speak at various UK events, advocating for the importance of visiting and backing the region. Ismail’s ingenuity sparked the idea of expanding our product line to include clothing, which has since evolved into a thriving business while staying true to our core value of donating a minimum of 50% of net profits to support the vulnerable. With several trips to Palestine under his belt, Ismail’s firsthand experiences have shaped his commitment to our mission. Currently, he finished a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Ismail embodies our dedication to continuous growth and learning. Also, Ismail is a loyal lifelong supporter and season ticket holder of Manchester city football club.

Favourite Palestinian Dish: Maklouba Favourite HLD Product: Ceramics

“Operations Assistant”


Haseeb's journey with us began in the humble setting of his parents' kitchen, where he played a pivotal role in starting our business. From assisting with delivery to meticulously packaging our products, Haseeb's dedication knows no bounds. His commitment extends beyond our operations, as evidenced by his numerous visits to Palestine and his impactful speech delivered in front of hundreds at Edgbaston cricket ground. Currently completing his A levels at one of the UK's leading state grammar schools, Haseeb harbors aspirations for a career in law. His passion, diligence, and unwavering dedication embody the spirit of Holy Land Dates, and we are proud to have him as part of our team. Haseeb is a dedicated lifelong supporter and season ticket holder of Manchester city football club.

Favourite Palestinian Dish: Kunafa Favourite HLD Product: Football Jersey

“Logistics Associate”


Saif has been a vital member of our team since the very beginning, contributing significantly to our operations, particularly in packaging and delivering our products. His dedication and commitment have been instrumental in ensuring our products reach our customers with precision and care. Saif's talents extend beyond the workplace; he was part of an elite group of children offered semi-professional football contracts, showcasing his teamwork and leadership skills. Now, Saif has embarked on his third passion: dentistry. In his first year at one of the UK's leading dentistry schools, Saif's pursuit of excellence and attention to detail continues to inspire us all. His diverse experiences and unwavering dedication embody the spirit of Holy Land Dates, and we're proud to have him as part of our team. As a dedicated lifelong supporter and season ticket holder of Manchester City Football Club, Saif finds immense joy and camaraderie in the pulse of live matches.

Favourite Palestinian Dish: Maklouba Favourite HLD Product: Football Jersey & OTH Hood Black

Ismail Mukadam

Meet "The Daddy" - the visionary behind one of Europe's premier calendar printing manufactures. With an expertise in logistics and warehouse management, he orchestrates operations seamlessly. Beyond his industrial prowess, he wears the hat of a landlord, offering unwavering support to HLD's endeavors. During a transformative journey to Palestine, he forged connections, introducing us to our esteemed local partner, Masjid Al Falah. Ever the hands-on enthusiast, he's the first to hop behind the wheel, ensuring our vans reach events with precision timing. Off the clock, he's a dedicated lifelong supporter of Manchester City Football Club, finding joy and camaraderie in the pulse of live matches. With his multifaceted passions and unwavering commitment, he epitomizes the spirit of our community.

Favourite Palestinian Dish: Maklouba Favourite HLD Product: Gilet