These are some questions which our customers regularly ask us. We hope these answers will help you in your buying process. Happy Shopping!

1. What are Medjool dates?

Medjool Dates are indigenous to the Jordan Valley in Palestine and are a major agricultural crop for the country. The dates are regarded as being juicy and sweet with a delicate moisture giving it a beautiful shine and unforgettable taste.

2. How are Medjool dates categorized?

Medjool dates are usually categorized using both skin separation and size. We at Holy Land Dates use both to provide a wide range of dates to our customers. The categorization is as follows:

Skin Separation

- 0-10% separation: Premium dates
- 10-25% separation: Classic dates
- 25-50% separation: Standard Collection (unavailable)


    - Small: 10-14 gm per date (unavailable)
    - Medium: 14-18 gm per date (unavailable)
    - Large: 18-22 gm per date
    - Jumbo 22-25 gm per date

      3. What type of Medjool dates does Holy Land Dates offer?

      We currently offer 4 different types, listed below:

      1. Premium Large
      2. Premium Jumbo
      3. Classic Large
      4. Classic Jumbo

      These 4 types are available in 2 sizes each: 900 g boxes and 5 kg boxes. You can choose your preferred quantity and type from here.

      4. Which box size should I order?

      This depends mostly on your consumption but what we can tell you is the quantity of dates you can expect in each of the boxes. combine those with the date sizes given above and you’ll be able to decide which product and box size is the most suitable for you!

      - A 5 kg box of “Large” dates has approximately 300 dates
      - A 900 g box of “Large” dates has approximately 40 dates
      - A 5 kg box of “Jumbo” dates has approximately 270 dates
      - A 900 g box of “Jumbo” dates has approximately 35 dates

        5. When is my order shipped and how long before I receive my order?

        All orders are shipped within 24 hours of receiving them, Monday to Friday. Orders placed on the weekend are shipped on the next business day.

        All orders placed after 4 PM from Monday to Friday are shipped the next business day. After shipping, it takes approximately 5-7 working days for a customer to receive their order.

        You can find more details on our Shipping and Returns page.

        6. Do you ship your products internationally?

        We do not offer international shipping directly, but if you need Holy Land Dates products delivered outside the UK, you can Get in Touch with us and we will try accommodating you as much as we can!

        Alternatively, you can contact a family member or friend living in the UK to place the order for you and then ship it to you privately or bring it with them.

        However, Holy Land Dates does not take responsibility for any order shipped privately. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

        7. My order was damaged/incomplete. Whom do I contact for this?

        If your order was damaged or incomplete, you can send us an email at or call us on 0121 517 0137 to inform us about the situation and our team will look into it immediately. Please do provide us with your Order ID when making any complaints for ease of tracking.

        For more info on how to reach out to us, please click here.

        8. Terms and Conditions

        We recommend reading our Terms and Conditions before making a purchase. Happy shopping!