Muhalabia Recipe using Premium Grade 1 Jumbo Palestinian Medjool dates

Muhalabia Recipe

Delicious vegetarian panna cotta but with a twist!
Muhalabia is a traditional Middle Eastern milk pudding and only requires a few steps to make. Try our unique recipe below and top your Muhalabia with Premium Palestinian Medjool Dates 
Recipe by: Yusuf (@Slicedltd)
300ml double cream
650ml whole milk
4tbspn white sugar (granulated or caster)
4 tbspn cornflour
Optional flavouring (vanilla, rose water, orange blossom)
6 Medjoul Dates
6 Walnuts
1) Mix together double cream 600ml milk, sugar and any optional flavouring in a saucepan and place over a medium/low heat
2) While the mixture is heating through, whisk together the cornflour with the remaining milk until there are no lumps.
3) Pour the cornflour slurry into the heating mixture and slowly but constantly whisk until it becomes a thickened custard.
4) Ladle into dessert dishes of your choice. Allow to cool slightly, then lightly cover with foil or cling film and refrigerate for 2-3 hours or until completely cold.
5) Chop the dates and walnuts and place on top of the set muhalabia before serving.
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