About Us

Our Roots

Founded in 2016, Holy Land Dates is more than just a business. We're committed to delivering premium natural products straight from Palestine. Our mission is to provide top-quality Medjool Dates, Extra Virgin Olive oil, herbs, and body care products.

Our Promise

We're all about quality and customer satisfaction. Our products represent our brand name, and we never compromise on that. We go above and beyond to meet and exceed our customer's expectations.

Our Impact

We're not just in it for the profit. We donate 50% of our net profits to support vulnerable children globally. Plus, we're helping hundreds of Palestinian farmers and families earn a stable livelihood.

Our Values

Accountability, Compassion, Customer-centricity, Perseverance, and Attention to Detail. These aren't just words; they're the backbone of Holy Land Dates.

Our Products

We take pride in the quality of our products. From delicious Medjool Dates from the Jordan Valley to rejuvenating natural body washes, we ensure that you get only the best.