Question: We are regularly asked: What distinguishes one Medjool date from another. Why are there so many different prices. How do I navigate buying a Palestinian Medjool Date.

Answer: Did you ever think buying a Palestinian Medjool Date could be an exercise of mental gymnastics. Probably not, but we feel its important for you to know what you buy before you buy. So here goes….

  • Palestinian Medjool dates are regarded as being juicy and sweet with a delicate moisture giving it a shine and taste never to forget.
  • Medjool dates are categorised by both size and skin separation. The higher the class of date the lower the skin separation percentage and the better quality of date you are purchasing and eating. As the skin separation percentage increases the quality of the date decreases.
  • We categorise Holy Land Dates into 2 categories: Premium collection and Classic collection. What does this mean. Please read on and we hope that by the end of this section we will have answered your questions.
  • Premium collection: These are the highest category of Palestinian Medjool dates that we offer. The skin separation will range between 0%-10%.
  • Classic collection: Here the skin separation will range between 10%-25%.
  • Standard collection (presently not offered by Holy Land Dates): Here the skin separation will range between 25%-50%.
  • Now that we have truly confused you with skin separation, the final categorisation is size. The size of the Holy Land Medjool Dates is sub divided into 4 categories:
    a. Small – 10-14gm
    b. Medium – 14-18g
    c. Large – 18-22gm.
    d. Jumbo – 22-25gm plus

So there you have it……..mental gymnastics!

We do hope that the above provides some clarification and if you have any further questions please do contact us.