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Holy Land Dates

19.5 x 15 Dome of the Rock Pearl Rectangle Wall Frame

19.5 x 15 Dome of the Rock Pearl Rectangle Wall Frame

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Rectangular Wall Panel portraying the Dome of the Rock, crafted from luminous seashells. Written upon its surface is a profound verse from the Quran (Surah Esraa). Designed to elevate any space with its beauty, this panel serves as a valuable addition to any home or sacred space. 

Size: 19.5 x 15 cm

The Story:

It is called " The Mother of Pearl". It earns its name by serving as the nurturing shell for pearls, which are extracted from it. The production process commences with the extraction of raw shells from the sea, ocean, or river. These shells undergo precision cutting into smaller segments, followed by meticulous polishing, color sorting, assembly into straight panels, and subsequent polishing and honing to achieve a consistent thickness. The resulting panels, uniform in thickness, are then intricately shaped and designed to create sculptures, paintings, and boxes crafted entirely from natural shells.

This intricate stage demands substantial time and effort, necessitating the expertise of skilled artisans specialized in this craft. The duration of production varies depending on the size and shape of the final product. The denizens of this region are esteemed for their mastery of this craft, often considering it a traditional family business.
Made by Palestinian hands from natural seashells extracted from the depths of the ocean by pearl fishermen in several countries such as Australia and Mexico, which skilled factory workers shape by hand and then laminate on high quality wooden boards. 


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