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Qubbat Al Sakhrah - Dome of the Rock III

Qubbat Al Sakhrah - Dome of the Rock III

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By Holy Land Dates

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Qubbat Al Sakhrah, globally renowned as the Dome of the Rock, graces Jerusalem's historical landscape as an architectural marvel. This iconic edifice stands at the intersection of art, culture, and spirituality. Its octagonal design, adorned with meticulously crafted mosaics, depicts intricate patterns and verses, showcasing the artistic prowess of its time.


At the structure's core, a resplendent golden dome gleams, reflecting sunlight and casting a majestic aura. The Dome of the Rock holds deep religious significance for Muslims, believed to be where Prophet Muhammad ascended to the heavens.


Beyond religious boundaries, the allure of Qubbat Al Sakhrah spans worldwide, drawing admirers of architecture, history, and culture. Its intricate details and prime location symbolize unity in diversity and human ingenuity.


A4 Digital Print - Dome of the Rock


  • Glass Window, Mdf Back, Polcore, Card Mount
  • Sleek, Contemporary Black Photo Frame, fitted with a glass window and soft white mount.
  • Print Size: A4 Portrait
  • Frame Size: 405mm x 330mm
  • Includes hook for Wall Mount
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